Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Barb and Ron

Dave and his girls

Food, Family, Friends, and Fun this Christmas. I love Christmas--its my favorite time of year. And its not the presents.......I love the lights and garland, Christmas trees and ornaments, cookies and candy, church bells and carols, snow on the ground, and well, the presents too. But not just the ones I receive. I love going shopping and getting something that you hope your family member or special someone will love. Then the time comes when they get to open the gift that you picked out especially for them. The surprise on their face or just seeing how happy they were that you thought of them.

I also love the Christmas traditions and spending time with your family. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to do, but there's just something about Christmas that makes the time spent together even better. We spent Christmas eve and Christmas morning in Morrison with my family. Each year the family is getting bigger. This was Madison's first Christmas and as predicted, she was spoiled (although I think being spoiled happens year round, so we will just say that she is loved very much). Santa found us all this year and I have to say, we all must have stayed on the nice list. About mid-morning we headed south again and back to Champaign. Christmas night was spent with Ron's family. We packed a lot into our holiday, along with a lot of miles, but time well worth it. How lucky we are to have such great families!

Aunt Kelly and Maddy

Maddy and Uncle Ron