Pink is in our future...

Monday, November 30, 2009

I can't hardly believe I didn't get this posted last week, but with trying to get out of town for Thanksgiving and lots of little things going on, the blog announcement was forgotten. But thanks everyone for the well wishes on facebook!

Last Monday we had the big ultrasound. Looks like we'll be shopping for pink baby stuff - but not too much pink :) Its so exciting to finally find out what this little human is inside me. No more the baby, but instead, we'll be able to refer to her by her name. That is, if we can finally decide between the 3 or 4 we have it narrowed down to. We know for sure her middle name will be Grace, after a close family friend of Ron's. I guess we'll just have to save the name Colton for our next child!

Never fear, our little girl won't be hurting for John Deere apparel or toys....daddy's already picked out some cute outfits for his little princess.

And thanks to our friend Sondra, Ron and David have been making their John Deere wish lists.

A little catch up
I've got a ton of news to prepared for a little blogging catch up!

I thought I better get this first post done before we roll into December tomorrow. November has been a busy month this year. We want to start off by congratulating two sets of friends on some life-changing moments-

First of all, congratulations to David and Jamie on the birth of their first son, Carter on November 7! (Hopefully they won't mind me posting this insanely adorable photo of Carter and Daisy).

The following weekend, friends Doug and Angie tied the knot. What a cute couple and great friends!

Question - does being pregnant affect your ability to smile correctly? We took a couple of photos and I don't have a normal smile in any of them!

Decorate for Dax

Friday, November 20, 2009

I read this article on CNN yesterday...pregnant or not, I couldn't help but shed some tears.

(CNN) -- On a crisp Halloween night, icicle lights and Santa Clauses mingled with ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns in a Washington, Illinois, neighborhood.

The community is helping a family squeeze in a little extra holiday cheer with their young son.

Doctors say 2-year-old Dax Locke is losing his fight with acute myeloid leukemia and may only have weeks to live, so parents Julie and Austin Locke put Christmas lights up outside their home for the little boy, who loves glowing things. Dax opens presents each day under a tree that's already been up for several weeks.

"We don't have much time left with Dax, don't know if he will make it to Christmas, so we wanted to have Christmas early," Julie Locke told local news station WMBD.

Neighbor and friend Trish Hurtgen says she and her husband were inspired by the family's efforts, so they put up their own lights and encouraged neighbors to do the same. Soon, the entire block was lit up with Christmas lights. They also planned a special surprise for the family.

While the Lockes traveled to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium for a special trip with Dax, the neighborhood banded together to decorate a huge tree in the family's yard so the Lockes could be delighted when they returned just after Halloween.

From there, she and other neighbors have helped encourage people to show silent support for the family by putting up Christmas lights at home and around the community. The effort, called Decorate for Dax, has its own Web site with space for people everywhere to send pictures and see others' displays.

Hurtgen calls the Lockes a "family of courage" that she found inspirational, and she wanted to help if she could.

"This is a family who stayed united and formed a team to help Dax," Hurtgen said. "They gave everything they had. We're trying to do the same thing."

Dax has spent past holidays at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, but this year, he's at home. Save for receiving palliative radiation to improve his quality of life, he is off cancer treatments.

Hurtgen says Dax enjoys going for car rides and seeing the lights on around him. The family plans to make a book out of photos that people send so Dax will be able to see all the lights for Christmas if he's too sick to go outside.

iReporter Cindy Miller lives in the area and got involved in local neighborhood decorating projects. She posted a video on CNN iReport to raise awareness of the Decorate for Dax project. She narrated a drive through Dax's neighborhood shortly after Halloween, and many houses were illuminated.

Take a cruise through Dax's brightened neighborhood

During one project, locals put up lights and luminarias at a local park. Miller sent photos and video of the illuminated areas she spotted, including a red, white and green sign with Dax's name in bright lights.

Miller said her heart was warmed by all the work the community put into the decorations, and she was overjoyed to see Dax out with the family amid all the people helping to decorate.

I sobbed like a baby, but was overjoyed at the show of support for this family
--Cindy Miller, iReporter

"I sobbed like a baby, but was overjoyed at the show of support for this family who may not have their baby here at Christmastime. It's unusual to see Christmas lights up so early, but this year, there's a good reason."

Hurtgen says she's been surprised by how Decorate for Dax has taken off. Submissions have come from all over the United States and in far-flung countries like Australia and Germany.

"I don't know how the word is getting out," Hurtgen said.

Hurtgen added that one woman even wrote in to say that her husband, stationed in Afghanistan, was working with fellow troops to photograph a lights display for Dax.

Send photos of decorations to CNN

Some of the colorful and bright displays she's seen include big signs with Dax's name on them and holiday-themed shapes and figurines. Other displays are more humble, like a message from another boy in a hospital and a makeshift tribute inside a tiny apartment.

"It doesn't have to be big, just your way of showing support."

Hurtgen says the silent show of support works well for their community because Dax needs his rest and the family needs their privacy.

Perhaps, she said, people will see this odd display of early lights and wonder what is going on. Maybe they'll also pause for a moment to think about Dax and about what they can do to help. The family is asking people to make donations to St. Jude.

"That's what Christmas is about, giving and not needing to get in return."

Everyone is holding out hopes Dax will make it to Christmas.

"Christmas would be a miracle. We're praying for a big miracle."

Half Way There

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holy crap, we've made it to 20 weeks. We're halfway there! This little baby is slowly taking over its mother's body. The baby bump is growing into a full fledged belly!

But that's okay, we anxiously waiting our doctors appointment next week when we find out if daddy can start buying green or pink john deere clothes and accessories.

In the mean time, we're trying to finish up harvest, get ready for Thanksgiving and work meetings in December. Oh yeah, and prepare for the full fledged house makeover in the beginning of January. That's right, the kitchen and all carpet and flooring is being torn out and replaced and the entire house is being repainted.

Somewhere in there we'll be getting the nursery furniture so when the last paint stroke dries, I'll be ready to do some decorating. My goal....the entire house will be ready to go by the beginning of March. But even the best plans end up going awry....


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whew...nineteen weeks already? It seems so long ago when the morning sickness, tiredness, and dull aches began. Oh wait, that was yesterday. That's right, still dealing with a little morning sickness although I'm not nearly as tired as I was a couple of months ago.

This week, our little bundle of joy is about 6 inches long (length of a dollar bill) and weighs about 8 1/2 ounces. Babycenter compares these measurements to the size of an heirloom tomato. For the men out there - His Boys Can Swim uses a softball for comparison.

Things are moving along really well and we couldn't be happier. Melissa and I are heading the the One Week Boutique baby consignment sale tonight to find some baby necessities and treasures. Can't wait to do some shopping!

In other news...congrats to our dear friends David and Jamie on the birth of their first son, Carter John, last Saturday. I can assure you he is definitely a cutie!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally....harvest in full swing

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally, beans are done and onto corn. Harvest is in full swing. A trip home this weekend led to some adventures in the field and some quality time with family. I love this time of year!