Spring Cleaning in January

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The warm temperature earlier this week (65 degrees in Champaign on Monday) inspired some early spring cleaning at our house. Okay, it wasn't so much the temperature inspiring me as the fact that our house is a complete wreck. We've been on the move since the wedding and haven't been home long enough to even dig out any of the wedding gifts. Stack on some Christmas gifts and add a pile of shower gifts, and the guest bedroom is in shambles (We won't discuss how messy and disorganized the rest of the house is). I'm just hoping to get it livable by the weekend.

Today marked the beginning of the Crop Protection Technology Conference, so Ron will be busy the next 2 days. Its not quite the same as the Custom Spray Operator's School of the past, but a good opportunity to get some current information and meet with the industry reps he works with. I'll be heading to Springfield on Friday to speak at the Specialty Crops Conference. That's a first for me; I'm used to the corn and soybean folks at the Crop Protection Technology Conference.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the warm weather at our house. With all the rain we got on Tuesday, Abbey decided to do a little digging around in the backyard. At least she didn't roll around in the mud, but I think she's trying to nose out an escape route under the fence.

Dirty Dog !