Pack your bags

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Well, Friday after work we packed an overnight bag for us, and all the food, toys, and treats we could find for Abbey and headed north. My parents are going to puppy-sit this week as Ron and I will be headed for Columbus on Monday for meetings. We're fitting a lot of stuff into the weekend - head to my parents on Friday, come back Saturday late afternoon, then its off to church on Sunday morning, Easter lunch with LD, Frieda, and family, and then try to get everything packed up to leave again on Monday morning early.

The trip to my parents is long, but we travel enough with our jobs that 3 1/2 hours doesn't bother Ron and I too much. Abbey on the other hand gets bored pretty quickly - I have to say that she is really a pretty good traveler but this is what we look at for the entire trip.