It's Better to Be a Bunny Than Get Beat By One

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Words to live by if you hail from Fisher, Illinois. For those of you that weren't aware that Ron grew up in Fisher, you may also may not know the high school mascot is a....bunny. Don't make fun now, there are a lot of high school mascots out there that deserve a laugh - the pretzels, the cornjerkers, the wooden shoes, the list goes on and on. Life in a small town often centers around high schools sports, and thus, the mascot is often thrown into the limelight. The Fisher Bunnies made it big time with a short segment on the ESPN show E:60 tonight. It was a nice clip on the history of the mascot in Fisher with highlights from Friday night football and interviews from around town. I'm just not sure if its the funniest mascot name as they billed it on the show. After all, this weekend some parents from Cobden, Illinois are going to be rooting for their own "Appleknockers"


Adrienne said...

You can add "whip-pur" to your list... which is what my high school mascot is. A white and purple cat- in case you are wondering what a whip-pur is. At least a bunny is a real animal.

Farming Fabulously said...

What a cool mascot! GO BUNNIES!