Build A Better Blog: Exercise 1

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Build a Better Blog

Several of the blogs I follow are participating in "Build a Better Blog in 31 Days" hosted by ProBlogger. While this blog is mainly for fun and family updates, I do have another blog I use for work. While I think it will be fun to learn new things about blogging, I think I'll pick up a lot of useful tips for both.

Now, I'm a couple days behind, but I'll slowly catch up as I go. The first task was to develop an elevator pitch for your blog.

This is much harder than you may after thinking about this for awhile, here it is (drumroll, please) -

This blog is a journal (of sorts) sharing stories and photos with our family, friends, and whoever else may stop by as we go through this thing we call life.

Maybe not the most eye-catching pitch you'll read, but it really makes you stop and think about what you blog about and maybe where you'd like your blog to go. I wonder how this pitch would change over the course of a few months???