Guess who's in town

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For the past week, we've been watching the activity at the hotel a couple of blocks from our house. Extreme Home Makeover has been here, checking out some families that were nominated for the show.

Today was the big reveal. As I drove past the hotel this morning on my way to work, the parking lot was bustling with activity. The family was supposed to find out this know, when THE BUS pulls up to the house and Ty shouts in the bullhorn?

The bus has been here all week, but I've yet to see any designers.

As I was heading back from field work in southern Illinois, I heard on the radio that the family chosen was from Philo, a small town just south of here.

As luck would have it, I was traveling through Philo and let me tell you, there were people everywhere. Streets were blocked off, cars coming and going. The turnout to help this family is just incredible. I can't wait to see how this week unfolds.


lisa said...

There was a family about an hour away (Albany way) that was lucky enough to get their house done!!

Farming Fabulously said...

How exciting! There was a family about an hour south of my home town that was gifted an extreme home makeover. It is very neat to watch the transformation.