One week

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whew...that first week flew by. And now we're quickly moving through the second. Isn't it amazing how much babies change in such a short period of time?

The doctor visit went pretty well yesterday. Her bilirubin levels had dropped and we don't have to have any more blood tests...I hope that nurse realizes how lucky she is :) Overall, Kaylee is doing well, but has lost some more weight. According to the doctor, preterm babies have a harder time metabolizing food, so despite eating like a horse the past couple of days, this may explain the weight loss. We're headed back tomorrow for a weight recheck and if her weight drops again, she"ll be put on a high calorie diet.


Melissa said...

Soooo cute. Good thing I see a little green in that outfit or I'd have to have you give her a squeeze for Aunt Melissa... nevermind, give her some from me anyway! =)