Meeting Up With Friends:Part 1

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last weekend was a big weekend for Kaylee. She got to meet lots of future friends and possible future husbands.

Friday we met up with one of my college roommates and her adorable kids for lunch. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but we had a great time. It won't be long before Kaylee will be able to play with Olivia (4) and Hunter (2).

Then on Saturday, we headed over to Mahomet to meet up with Dawn & Doug who were in town, along with the Alderks and the Nuttersons. We finally got the chance to meet Rosalie who was born in January and see Carter who was born in November. Another playgroup in the making! We also kid that Kaylee is Carter's girlfriend...who know's? Maybe someday!
Sweet, sweet Rosalie

Cutie pie Carter