4 months

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hard to believe baby girl is 4 months old today. We've had a lot of accomplishments in the last month.

Lots of smiles and loves to laugh -- sweet sounds to her parents ears.

Drooling is common...down her chin, on our shirts, basically anywhere!

She's a regular "rollee pollee" lately, from side to side, and will soon be all the way over.

Laying down is for babies, and she definitely thinks she's a big girl now. We like to sit up - on your lap, in the bumbo, and now, in her highchair.


Farming Fabulously said...

Is Kaylee really 4 months already? Time sure does fly by. I still can't believe Dexter is almost a year. Her little smile is so cute.

Love your wordless wednesday picture.