Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday was a difficult day for Kaylee....she just couldn't decide what team colors to wear.

It's a good thing her mommy dresses her :)

Grandma C. and Kaylee


lisa said...

It sure is a good thing;)

Tweet Cheek Boutique said...

So cute! lol. I love the opposing teams.. My husband and I are planning on getting our little 9 mos old and 7yo princesses SLU and SIU shirts to represent our alma maters and then doing a family pic. I think it will be a funny cute pic.
My sister and I just started a hair bow business too so I think this is just the inspiration I need for new bows. I think bows in the local football team colors will be so cute for the season. I will do Rams of course but the college teams will be extra fun :) Thanks for the idea!