Eight months

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yikes! We can mark another month off on the calendar. Our little tyke is growing up so fast. This was taken a week ago today on her 8 month birthday - when waving hi, bye, and at random times in between was just beginning. In the last 7 days, she's perfected her heart tugging wave - throwing up a wave to anyone that looks her way. That's right, our little girl knows how to work a crowd! While in Peoria on Friday, we made a couple of stops before getting fitted for her helmet. At each location, Kaylee would put on her brightest smile and wave to passerby's and restaurant customers. There was even one time where she was waving with both hands. The people were eating...out....of.....her....hands.

We survived day 2 of helmet wearing. Yesterdays schedule called for 2 hours on and 1 hour off, and keeping it off for naps and bedtime. We're so glad we're approaching cooler weather. Other than a sweaty head, Kaylee is adapting well to her hat (as we call it) and so are mom and dad.


lisa said...

Sorry, I have missed quite a bit and I am now up to speed on what is happening with that sweet girl of yours! You would never of known, and she is such a cutie no matter what. I sure hope that helmet works! When my little girl was tiny I was worried because she would only tilt her head to the side and always seemed to lay on the same side, I used to build the pillow up on the side she would tilt her head and she did eventually come out of doing that but it sure had us worried for a period of time!

Stacy said...

Showed Maddy Kaylee's latest waving and clapping excitement.... and her pretty new hat... Maddy says to me "Well I still love her mom, I bet she still thinks happy thoughts when she goes to sleep and thinks of me" and we talked about how the dr's made Maverick better at the hospital, but this is Kaylee's way of not having to be at the hospital all the time... and she was waaaayyyyy happy with that because she can still spend the night with Kaylee @ Grandma & Papas :)