Branching Out

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Over the past year, this blog has been hijacked by baby pictures, baby stories, more baby pictures, and sometimes some other stuff. I know, I'm a proud mama, but our lifestyle has also changed some too. Our world now revolves around our toddling 1 year old. (wow, it seems weird to say that, but typing it gives you a little gut check too).

I still follow a lot of blogs. I don't get around to commenting all the time, but I'm still stalking you, trying recipes, and bookmarking crafts I want to try ---when I get some free time, that is.

I'm going to make a concerted effort to diversify a little and not focus exclusively on Kaylee. I'll not only be doing that here, but also on our family farm website I've been working on. The website is live, although I have some sections that need work yet.

We'll be blogging farm industry news, along with stuff happening on the farm, and it also serves as a business website for potential clients interesting in cattle, custom ag services, and potential landlords. We hope to incorporate field notes throughout the year on the farms with hybrids, yield, and other pest news. I'm sure some family news will trickle in. Let's face, we have some very proud grandparents.

So, if you know anyone in NW Illinois that could benefit from Cook Farms, send them over to the new website!


lisa said...

I personally love seeing Kaylee! I sure remember those days when the kids were young and enjoy them while they last because they grow up soooooo fast! I will have to take a peek at the websight!

Adrienne said...

Don't worry...our blog has been hijacked too. But let's be honest....if our blogs are about what is going on in our lives- the kids are going to be the main highlight! Spring is here though, so no doubt some farming posts will make their way back into it!
HUGS to you and Kaylee!!