Spring Clean Up

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a warm, wonderful weekend! We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday working outside in our yard. It's spring cleanup in Champaign, which means the city is picking up all lawn waste for free. Saturday was devoted to the front yard, and I have to say, its looking pretty nice after getting raked. Our trees in the front yard are always dropping limbs and branches - it was in desperate need of picking up after the winter. After getting some of the old, dead grass out, Ron put some more grass seed on it, and hopefully, it will fill in nicely. We have a rather shady yard, and growing anything is turning out to be quite a task. This afternoon we started to tackle the backyard. We live in a neighborhood that has quite a few pine trees. There's four in our back yard and four others on our neighbors side of the fence. So, in addition to being rather shady, we also have quite a few pine needles to clean up. We used up all the yard bags we had, and we have more than half of the backyard to go yet. Let's hope next weekend is this nice too! Until then, we'll be soaking some sore muscles. Raking and dethatching our yard has definitely used some muscles that haven't been used in awhile!