Family Filled Weekend

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My mom and dad, along with Stacy and Madison came to town last weekend for Stephanie and Chris's wedding. They rolled into Champaign Friday evening....let the fun begin!

We stopped at Papa Del's, picked up some pizza, and headed to the hotel for supper. We hadn't had Papa Del's in a really long was pretty darn good! After stuffing ourselves silly and catching up, Ron and I took Stacy and Maddy to Hessel Park. After a long car ride, we figured Maddy would be ready to run. Oh, how we were mistaken. Before I tell you about our little trip, let me preface it by telling you that Maddy loves to be outside and swinging is one of her favorite things. Hessel Park is a pretty popular place to take kids to play and Friday evening was no exception. I think she may have been a little intimidated. All she did was stare at all the people. We'd walk around to different areas...and she'd stare. We'd swing, and she'd just stare. Checked out the slide...she stared. All in all, it was pretty funny. I think my sister needs to get her out in public more :)

After our experience at the park, we headed across the street to the Custard Cup for some ice cream. And every little baseball fan needs her ice cream in a plastic helmet, don't you think?

We took the family out to the Apple Dumpling for breakfast. Once again, yummy! It was a great way to start the day before we headed out for a morning of shopping.

We squeezed in some stores before heading home and getting changed for the wedding. It was beautiful wedding and fun reception. I'm sure the Grussing's are having a great time in Mexico right now!

Before calling it quits for the night, we headed back to the hotel for a quick swim. Well, not everyone, just Maddy and Papa. It was her first time in a big pool.

Hard to believe the weekend was half over, but on Sunday we all had breakfast before the family headed north again. Ron and I checked out the county fair and had some greasy fair food before I played softball Sunday night.

Time flies when you're having fun!


Leslie said...

Your weekend sounded like fun, but with the whole having ice cream in the helmet, I think it was the wrong helmet!!!! (Cardinals!!!)