Now its My Turn - Kelly's Crazy Week

Friday, July 25, 2008

While Ron was out tromping through cornfields, I spent a lot of time in the car heading to soybean fields to put out traps for a survey. We managed to travel 1300 miles during the first three days of the week and see both ends of the state.

Lucky for me, part of the survey is done in NW Illinois. I stayed at my parents house Monday night. Home cooking and time with the fam....lots of fun. In fact Stacy and Maddy were there Monday evening when I got to Morrison. Even though I had to share my ear of corn with Maddy, it was great to taste the first sweet corn of summer.

The rest of my week....spent driving and putting out these traps:

The rest of my time has spent dealing with this :

Hard to believe this insect will cause ash trees to look like this:

If anyone wants to help, next week we'll be screening purple sticky traps for them.