Off to the Fair......

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh how times have changed. Years ago, I'd spend my summer going from fair to fair, with the cattle in tow. As a family, we'd show at several county fairs, weekend shows,and of course, the state fair. I'm pretty lucky, I've shown at several state fairs, including both Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as several national events. Looking back it seems so long ago.

This weekend Ron and I will be heading to the state fair, not only to walk around, check things out, but also eat a lot of greasy fair food. Most importantly though, we'll be judging 4-H projects too.

It has been a long time......I'm the one giving out the ribbons now.


Adrienne said...

It's that time of year! I also spent my weekend at the state fair-the Indiana State Fair that is...
I'm the Assistant Show Manager for the 4H Pygmy Goat Show. HA!
Hope you had fun at the fair!!