Illinois Natural Survey Expo

Monday, September 29, 2008

Maybe this should be more appropriately titled "How we spent our Saturday". This was an expo to showcase our work here at the survey in a family/kid friendly atmosphere.

My booth --"I Spy Invasives" -- we highlighted the emerald ash borer of course, along with some other invasive insects and invasive plants. We made sure to have those purple sticky traps that everyone always ask questions about. They were a huge hit! For those of you wanted to have the latest info on invasive plants, be sure to request copies of Dawn and I's latest collaboration. Its a poster and factsheet series highlighting Illinois' top invasive plants in woodland, aquatic, grassland, and agriculture habitats. The requests are pouring in already :)

Anyway, it was a beautiful day with plenty of families and kids coming through to learn more about science. Here are a few photos from the day.

Setting up for the day.

Ron taking a break after helping haul everything from my lab.


Garlic mustard anyone?
I see Jen!
Kabe learning about transmitters and tracking birds.