Medieval Monday

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Friday we headed to Chicago for a fun-filled weekend with friends. And oh what a weekend it was. It doesn't get any better than spending time with your best friends. Throw in the husbands and 3 kids and our multi-family vacation was quite different than the road trips of years past.

Friday night we headed to Medieval Times in Schaumburg. We didn't know a whole lot going into this outing except it would be a dinner and show - with jousting and all. Oh...and that we were going to have to eat our meal without silverware because as we were told, they did not use silverware in medieval times.

It was a very interesting evening. Both the food and show were pretty good. The show was based around a tournament with different sections of the arena cheering for their very own knight. How do you know what knight to root for you might ask? Well, they give you crowns that you are supposed to wear as you enter the building. You'll be able to tell, we were rooting for the black and white knight. As you watch the tournament, several courses of food are brought out to you and they even have a break in the show with Andalusian horses to that were amazing to watch.

Oh what a night!


Mary said...

I love Medieval Times! I particularly remember enjoying eating the chicken with my hands :)