Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Remember this picture? Some people were wondering if it was our house. Thankfully, no. But it is a house we know.

My family has farmed the land that belongs with the house for many years. Its just down the road from my parents old house. Fortunately no one was hurt as a result of the fire, but that doesn't take away the fact that all of the owners possessions were lost.

An interesting note ~ The farm is listed in the Illinois Centennial Farms Program. The program was established to honor the generations of farmers who have worked to maintain a family farm in Illinois. To be classified as a Centennial Farm, descendants of the original owner must have owned the agricultural property for at least 100 years.

The Janvrin farm was originally 25 acres, purchased on November 26, 1852, by George Janvrin. Elmer Janvrin bought the farm from his father on January 1, 1916, and sold it to his son, Clyde, and wife, Merna, on February 28, 1967. Upon Clyde’s death on May 20, 1970, Merna took over ownership. The historic farm has grown to 145 acres and is owned by Clyde and Merna’s heirs.

The centennial sign with a fire hose draped over it.


Farming Fabulously said...

I so enjoy hearing all about the Centennial Farms. It is so interesting.....