The Apple Of Our Eye

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, at 15 1/2 weeks, we are officially the parents of a baby the size of an apple (or orange if you prefer). And in honor of this milestone, we headed to the Apple Dumpling for some homemade chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes this week. For those of you from around the area, you undoubtedly know how wonderful the food is at this family-owned, home cooking restaurant. I'm sorry to report we did not have enough room for one of their famous apple dumplings for dessert.

Things have been going well. Though I'm still ready for bed before 10 pm, most days I'm not praying for a nap like a couple of weeks ago. I'm still fighting morning sickness, though it does seem to be decreasing in intensity. Heartburn has been minimal (thank goodness), though I've had a few more headaches in the past week than I've had in the previous three months combined.

We had a short doctor's visit earlier this week. Not only did I get a prescription for migraines, but we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Yahoo! We were able to see the heart beating at the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, but hearing it for the first time was amazing!


Leslie said...

Awww!!! That is so cool that you got to hear the heartbeat!! And you guys are way too funny for going to Apple Dumpling to celebrate!!!

lisa said...

You are lucky to have the morning sickness going away. I was so sick the first three months that I ended up in the hospital dehydrated and having to have IV fluids! Not pretty! So, good luck.

Stacy said...

Sooooo I'm wondering how you and Melissa have gotten the short end of the stick with both of your kids... yet I went through Maddy feeling wonderul... and yet again with #2 feeling wonderful???? Guess I got all the good genes :)