Fun in Indy

Monday, February 22, 2010

This past weekend, we heady to Indy to meet up with a couple of Ron's college roommates/buddies. I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time. While most of the conversations included trips down memory lane (to some extent, at least), a lot of new fun memories were made as well.

Meet Corey and Eric...they are a riot, to say the least.

This is Corey's wife, Ashley. "No pictures, please."

"Well, maybe one, but with Doyle. He acts normal in front of the camera."
Unlike my hubby, who feels the need to make faces as well.

Once again, we failed to get a group photo at our yearly get-together (which is okay by me -as you can probably tell, my face is getting rounder, as is the baby belly, and the swelling goes all the way down to the feet).


Leslie said...

Kelly, you still look good! :)