9 Month Rundown

Friday, December 17, 2010

Who knows? Maybe by 10 months there actually may be running (probably not)! A lot of accomplishments to keep track of this month. Waving -check, So big! - check, high fives - check, and of course, pointing. While the first ones are cute and a lot of fun, I'm pretty excited about the last. From what I've read (I'm a reading kind of mom), this is the beginning to letting us know what she wants. Awesome! Kaylee is a crawling machine that is into everything. I can only imagine what walking is going to have in store for us.
Her 9 month well check went...well. She's about 30" tall and weighs 21 lbs. Kaylee also survived her flu shot and I'm happy to report dad survived it as well. We head to Peoria on Monday for a recheck with her neurosurgeon, followed by a visit with the orthotist. The stop at Plattners will involve a head scan and reshaping of the inside of the helmet. It will definitely be interesting to see how her head has changed over the past couple of weeks.