Friday, February 25, 2011

Yay-Its Friday!
It's been a long week at our house, but one that began and will hopefully end well. After a spending Saturday night with the Estes clan (you can check out some Kaylee pics over at Leslie's blog, we ventured over to Morton on Sunday after church to meet up with Papa and Grandma for lunch. Papa's birthday was on the 15th, so it was fun to have a birthday lunch at Cracker Barrel. Well, most of it was fun. We had an incident in the bathroom. Kaylee is deathly afraid of public restroom changing stations (I try to avoid them altogether - but very lots of different reasons). Anyway, laying flat on the changing station just freaks her out and she will scream, twist, and try to climb off. This did not go well with a dirty diaper followed by a little girl that decided to start peeing will trying to climb off of the bench. Luckily, after help from grandma, a clean up, and some yummy food, all was well and we had a great time.

Monday was a little rough. We had to be at the hospital by 6 for Kaylee to get tubes put in her ears. She hasn't had a lot of ear infections, but she wasn't responding well to antbiotics. After a visit with we ENT doctor, and a prognosis of fluid in her ears, he recommended tubes. The procedure went well, recovery was a little rough, but we headed home with Elmo doing pretty good.

Late in the afternoon she ended up with her left ear bleeding quite a bit and we headed back to the doctor. No worries, this doesn't happen often. Luckily, the bleeding didn't last long. A little extra care to prevent blood from drying up in the tubes should help prevent the need to take out and replace the tube.

By Wednesday the little miss was pretty much back to normal and excited to head back to daycare. Just another story for the baby book!


lisa said...

Poor Kaylee! I had to have tubes when I was little girl and I bet they have come a long way since I had to have it done! Public bathrooms are scary anyway ;)