11 months

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whew...another month gone by (and me late getting up the monthly comparison photo). Remember when I started posting a monthly photo with Kaylee's puppy? I've been getting these monthly photos up although they maybe a little late. Remember 5 months? or what about 6? and 9 months? How I've loved seeing how much she has changed month by month and having our little reference item of the puppy. We're oh-so-close to full out walking this month. Exploring the house and pulling up on everything keeps Kaylee quite busy. Cruising along the couches, coffee table, tv stand, and kitchen chairs makes her things she is pretty big stuff. She's getting braver and letting go more and more. Sometimes she starts to stand up in the middle of crawling across the floor and changes her mind. I think she prefers to get to her destination as quickly as possible and right now, that's by crawling.

We've also got 8 teeth this month. Little miss independent is demanding big girl food. And we don't mind sharing...most of the time :)  As long as she doesn't mind sharing with us too!