Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seriously, where does the time go? Better yet, where does my time go? We find ourselves immersed in our daily routines - wake up, get ready for work, get Kaylee up, get her dressed, get us out the door and to daycare, and then off to work. By the time we all get home, fix supper, and have bath time, Kaylee's bedtime shortly follows. A few hours to ourselves to catch up on the day, dishes, and laundry, then its time for us to turn in too. We find ourselves in a this daily routine quite often. Luckily things are looking to switch up a little.

For those that may be following the Cook Farms blog (its been sorely neglected too), it's "Go Time". It spring and that means spring has sprung or at least it is trying to.

Last week I got my field season started in soggy southern Illinois. Between raindrops and flooded waters, we got the first of the traps set out for my vineyard survey. That's right, vineyards - in addition to doing some research on invasive insects this summer, I'll be getting to survey some of the fantastic wine produced right here in Illinois. Yahoo!

Ron has hit the road with the planter this week and his first corn trials are in the ground. He's feeling a little better about getting research started too. 


Adrienne said...

Sounds pretty familiar! We have a similar routine at our house, too!
And if you EVER need ANY help at all with the chore of sampling Illinois blends of wine, you just let me know!