Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's amazing watching your kids as the learn new things. The rate at which they pick things up is incredible. Kaylee is always watching you, taking things in, and then trying them out.

Case in point, the other night after supper Ron and I carried our plates to the sink to rinse them off. We turned around and Kaylee had grabbed a plate off the table, and carried it over to the sink to us.

We were astounded.

and excited

and awfully proud.

However not everything she is learning is quite so monumental.

For instance, this is one of her new favorite things to do, especially now that it's sandal weather.

She loves her toes.

And thanks to daddy, she loves to pick at them.

Sometimes, she likes to check ours out too. All because daddy picked some sock lint out of her toes one night.

We were humored

and a little grossed out

and Daddy is awfully proud.


Adrienne said...

I think I'd rather get a foot massage than a dental exam. Rachel feels the need to give me a dental exam a couple times a week. I guess she figures I'm always looking in her mouth to see if she's got any teeth- she wants to check mine out too!

lisa said...

I love the new blog look! Sounds like Kaylee is picking up on the up and coming new household chores ;) She is so cute. I remember when the kids found their toes!

Dawn said...

Dougie loves her shirt! :)