Another weekend gone

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where does the time go? This weekend felt like it was over before it barely got started. We managed once again to pack quite a few things into the last two days. While Ron was at his mom's Friday night, I worked on cleaning our very dirty house and our very dirty dog. I didn't get too much accomplished with the house, but Abbey is squeaky clean and smells great!

When Ron got home on Saturday morning, we went out for breakfast and then to run errands. We ran into one of Ron's friends from SIU when we stopped at Barnes & Noble. It was great to catch up with Hannah and also meet her son. Unfortunately Barb has been feeling a little sick the past couple of days. We took her to the hospital later in the day, but good news, she's feeling better and its looks like a trip to the doctor may have done the trick.

Sunday morning was spent at church, and this afternoon we spent working on projects. Ron finished up a poster for the Illinois Soybean Association meeting and I worked on Madison's birthday present. Still a long way to go for me, but I good start I think. This reminds me that I'll have to post a picture of my latest project I finished later this week.

This week is starting as busy as last week ended but I'll have lots to share!