Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wow...its that one day a year when love is filling the air. Chocolate candy, red roses, and mushy cards. I hate to disappoint my loyal blog followers, but Ron and I are not celebrating Valentines Day this year. What!?! you may ask, are you thinking? You're newlyweds! We are in fact celebrating a holiday today, but in our house, its Valentimes Day (corny, I know). What is different about this holiday you wonder? Well, no mushy cards for one - And its not that I don't like those mushy cards (Ron will tell you, I've kept all the cards he's every given me). In fact, the very first Valentines Day card he gave me had 2 turtles on it and has something to the effect of "breaking out of ones shell", I can't remember the specifics. What I do remember about that very first Valentines Day is that he got me a pair of brown gloves with a number "3" on them (from the gas station) as a joke.....well the joke is on him, I still have those too. Anyway, back on task. We've been so busy lately that neither of us have had time to pick up a card for the other. I did however order him a gift off of the internet (that still hasn't shown up yet). We're going out to dinner tonight or sometime this weekend to celebrate our first Valentine's Day together, so you hopeless romantics out there shouldn't be worried!


Jen said...

Okay, I wouldn't put me in the 'hopelessly romantic' category, but I'm really glad you two are going to take some time out -- just for the two of you, whether it's tonight or this weekend. It's much needed and deserved!
Happy ValentiMes Day!