I love 3-day weekends!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yep, that's right. I have today off from work. Yay for President's Day! Most people have to go into work today, but I'm one of the lucky ones that get to sleep in, or at least I would have if Abbey would have had the decency to sleep in too. So instead, I was up early making plans for the day. I have to admit though, right now I'm not any more motivated to clean the kitchen than I was yesterday. I've been making small progress getting the house picked up, but not nearly to the extent I would like. We've been busy this weekend, so I didn't get all the time I intended to work on the house (I'll also admit that it felt pretty good to take a nap yesterday too!).

We also spent time this weekend running errands around town, paying bills, and overall getting caught up on some things with been drastically behind on. Barb has been in the hospital since Wednesday afternoon and its looking very good that she will be able to go home today. Hopefully the doctors have figured out what has been making her sick and unable to keep food down.

Abbey hates the vacuum cleaner; she spent some time outside Saturday morning moping while I cleaning. It actually looks like a spring day, and it was fairly warm for a couple of hours.

I'm putting cleaning the kitchen on my to-do list as well as getting some of our wedding stuff organized and boxed up. I'd love to be able to get our spare room in order, but that may just be a little too ambitious for today.

Abbey is going spend her day sleeping - What's everyone else doing today?


farmnwife said...

Thank you for posting on our blog. So I can take a look at yours. Don't you love dogs. They don't care about how they look. Nice wedding picture. Not the usual chapel scene.