Midwest Weather

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It doesn't get any crazier than weather in the midwest. Being in Champaign, we generally get a mix of weather, but this takes the cake. In the last five days, we've had 8 inches of snow followed by a significant warm up.
(Not a bad picture for taking it from the passenger seat!)

The almost 50 degree weather then melted most of that wonderful white stuff I love so much over the course of 2 days. Besides turning everything into a soggy mess, dense fog resulted from our little heat wave.
(The view from my office window on Monday. Visibility less than 100 feet.)

But, our wacky weather doesn't end there. Thunderstorms and heavy rain made their way into central Illinois yesterday and our already saturated ground, refuses to take anymore water. Flooding is common everywhere you look and sump pumps are running ragged around town.
(Not a very good picture, but what can I say, it was pouring down rain! A view of the water on our street Tuesday evening about 5 pm)

Did I mention that later today the rain is supposed to change to snow again?

**This just in....it's snowing wildly outside my office this morning and it's already starting to accumulate. What's next?