The One That Got Away

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Friday Ron and I took off from work an hour early, went home, gathered up the fishing poles, Abbey, and headed for Homer Lake. Homer Lake is just east of Champaign-Urbana and a relatively short trip overall.

There's quite a few little spots to head to, but instead of veering towards our usual locations, we decided to try a new area on the lake. It was actually a great day for fishing. It was overcast, not too hot, and there was a slight breeze.

We did end up catching quite a few fish, but only one was actually big enough to keep. We threw everything back and just enjoyed some time outside of the office. Abbey enjoyed herself too. She would have preferred to just eat the fish right off the hook.

And while Abbey doesn't enjoy swimming (crazy isn't it - she's a Lab!), she did test out the water a little. She just couldn't figure out where those frogs were hidden and where all the noise was coming from.

We were out there for a couple of hours before the rain clouds started to move in. During that time, I missed out on a pretty big fish--maybe even "Catfish Hunter". Several times while we were there, we'd see a fish jump up and splash back in the water. He was mocking me, I just knew it! We called it quits just in time. On the way home we saw this farmer out planting beans, trying to get as much done as he could before the rains came.

On a side note, Adrienne might get a kick out of this -- the area where we were fishing....Timberdoodle Trail.


Adrienne said...

I love it!! And there's nothing my Doodlebug loves more than hiking (aka- squirrel hunting). Perhaps next time we're in the area we'll have to check out the Timberdoodle trail!
Happy fishing, Miss Kelly. Maybe next time you'll hook that big catfish!