Weekend in Review

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow, its Wednesday already. The week is going by fast, but I can't help but wish it were still a little closer to the weekend. As I mentioned earlier today, we've been busy (what else is new?)

This last weekend we managed to get some stuff done, but not a lot of tangible evidence to show for it. We did get greeted Saturday morning with some thunder and pouring down rain. We took the opportunity to run errands around town. In the afternoon, I did some house cleaning while Ron worked on getting some things ready for the front porch/deck. Getting the railing up will probably be a little more challenging that what we were hoping for, but I'm sure we'll be happy with the end result.

My goal this summer was to go through each room in our house and start going through our things. Our house is full of lots of things and when we add all of our wonderful wedding presents, there's just not a lot of room. So, I've begun my personal task of sorting out stuff for charity or a garage sale (I'm just not sure what I'm going to do yet), stuff to be packed up that we don't use, and stuff that we just need to throw away. Unfortunately, I'm not making much progress. I'm working on getting myself motivated.

On Sunday, we had a goodbye potluck for our pastor at church. She got called to serve the Methodist church in Onarga. They are sure getting a great pastor and wonderful person. Its a little hard letting go. She's been a huge part in many big events in our lives the past couple of years. We knew she would eventually get placed in another church as the Methodist pastors get moved every couple of years. It was still hard to say goodbye though. We still have no word on who our new pastor will be, but they start July 1. A new beginning for everyone of the church.

On a positive note, the Mixed Nuts have broken their losing streak when playing at 8 pm. The other good thing - we managed to improve our record to above .500. We're now 4-3. Let's see if we can't keep the winning mojo in our corner!