Carrier Monkey

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Since the whole family was going to be home, we decided to have our Thanksgiving on Saturday night. Everyone got home late Thursday night which meant we had several days to spend together.

Madison had a touch of the flu Thursday night and when we saw them later in the weekend ...well, let's just say we are affectionately calling Madison the little carrier monkey. By Saturday afternoon Grandma was sick, soon to be followed later that night by myself, Papa, and Erik. Unfortunately for me, my round of sickness lasted much longer than the other's and our Saturday Thanksgiving dinner is something I'd much rather forget right now. Luckily, Ron and my sister Melissa (who is 8 months pregnant) managed to avoid catching that awful virus. Stacy on the other hand lasted until Sunday night before succumbing to flu.

Despite the flu, we still love our little germ carrying Maddy--

Coloring a picture for Aunt Kelly

Having a popsicle with Aunt Melissa