Timber !

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bright and early Saturday morning, Steve from Burnett's Tree Service called and said they'd head our way to remove the trees we'd talked to him about earlier in the week. For those of you that haven't seen our neighborhood, its in an older part of Champaign with well established trees. We have 4 pine trees in our backyard. They're old, they shed a lot of needles, and they prevent any sun from getting back there to let very much grass grow.

We decided at some point we'd like to get them taken out. It would give us a little more room in the backyard and Abbey really would like some more grass back there. Never fear, there are still plenty of pine trees in the neighbor's yard.

Any way Steve has been in the neighborhood cutting some other older trees down and after getting a great quote, we moved tree cutting up in our home remodel schedule as well as the budget.

I ran out and got some before pictures before they came on Saturday:

Steve brought in his bucket truck, several people, and even a tree climber. While the trees came down pretty fast, they'll be back today to clean up the trunks and any remaining branches. I'll post some "after" photos tomorrow.