Whirlwind of Activity, Lack of Blogging

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We've traveled over 2,000 miles in the last week across several states (mostly by air) and when I last left you we were in Reno at the Entomological Society of America meetings. I'm going to back post some of the activities as the past several days have been jammed packed with travel, family, farming, some deer hunting, and the flu. We were delayed leaving my parents house Sunday night for Champaign -- after 24 hours of throwing up, Ron convinced me to go E.R. With some great anti-naseau meds and some fluids they got me back on track. We were able to head home Tuesday morning. This afternoon I'm catching up on some emails, blog reading, and resting some aching stomach muscles.

So continue reading for the recap over the last couple of days...