Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Reno, we headed to my parents house - to help with harvest, for deer hunting, and since everyone was going to be home, have our family Thanksgiving.

There's still quite a bit a corn in the fields in northern Illinois. It's coming out at a steady pace, but it will be about another 2 weeks before we're done. All that corn in the neighbors fields also provided plenty of hiding spots for deer. Ron, Erik, and Troy all came up empty handed, but Nathan was able to get himself a 10-point buck.

Ron spent quite a bit of time in the combine, rather than the deer stand, which by the way, was probably warmer than being stuck in the tree all day.

I got a trip with dad to Bunge in on Saturday. We truck our corn to the rail, to the river, ADM, local elevators, or store it on farm. Agri-Bunge is on the Mississippi River and is about an hour - round trip (if there isn't a wait). Here are a few pics from earlier this fall and one from this last weekend.


Farming Fabulously said...

Great pic's Kelly..Thanks for sharing