It's What We Do-Insect Trapping

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now that summer is here. I've been on the road putting out insect traps. One program I'm running this summer is for 3 invasive moths. We are putting traps out in orchards, nurseries, and parks....which means I get to see some pretty cool stuff. Before I share any road trip photos, I though you might like to see what the traps look like.

This is called a trap liner. Its covered in a clear glue. When insects fly into the trap, they are stuck to it. To attract the insects to the trap, we use a pheromone. This is a synthetically produced pheromone that is identical (or almost identical) to the natural pheromones the insects produce to attract mates.
The trap liner slides into the traingle shape trap (this is called a delta trap).
The entire trap is then hung in a tree or on a fence or post. I come back every 2 weeks to replace the liner and take the other back to my lab to see what we caught.


Farming Fabulously said...

Wow, you are like a CSI insect investigator. I bet you get all sorts of bugs that stick on those sheets. I would like to see a picture of the trap after its sat out there for two weeks.

lisa said...

That was interesting to see and learn. I had tons of house moths this year. I know it was from my wool yarns. I got out the moth balls too late. I just hate the smell though!!

Ed said...

Fascinating, I can't wait to see what ya caught..:-)

gigi said...

Who knew?? That is just to cool.