Lunch Scenery

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heading off to the "field" for work isn't too bad. In fact, we get to check out a lot of fun and cool places around the state. Not to mention beautiful places too. In fact, we can often time our day trips so we can stop for lunch and enjoy the scenery.

After trudging through some firewood dealers, industrial parks, and pallet recyclers, its always nice to be able to have traps at or near a park. For instance...Kickapoo State Park near Danville.

There's lots of pretty places to sit and enjoy the view and also cast your fishing line.........maybe we'll have to bring the fishing poles along one of these days.

Yesterday, we spent time in southeastern Illinois. Olney, to be more precise. Do you know what Olney's claim to fame is? WHITE SQUIRRELS....yep, you heard me right, white squirrels. Unfortunately, we didn't see any white squirrels yesterday, but I did share one of my potato chips with this little guy.

We spent today on the road as well. Nothing too exciting, but I have to share this photo with you. I'm probably the only one who gets a laugh from this (maybe AJ too), but have you ever seen anyone fishing from a boat onshore?