Great Friends = Great Weekend

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just now getting caught up from the weekend. I covered about 1000 miles across the state of Illinois at the end of last week for meetings. In fact, I left the house at 5:30 am Friday morning, returned at 6:00 pm - just in time to change clothes and head to the Illini Hockey game with Doug, Angie, and Noah.

A great game, with a win over the Hawkeyes...there were some minor fights, but nothing like what we were hoping for ;)

Saturday morning we were "up and at'em". A little housecleaning and laundry before heading out Saturday afternoon for an Engagement/Farewell for Doug and Dawn.

They'll be moving to Missouri at the end of the month. I may just have to hook them up with Farming Fabulously.

From one party we moved to the next -- a reunion of sorts of crop science grads. It was great getting to hang out with everyone. It makes you realize how you need to schedule these get-togethers more often. I only wish we'd been able to take a group shot before the end of the night....maybe next time.


Jen said...

Sounds like you needed to come back to work to rest! =)

Farming Fabulously said...

Yeah, we always welcome newcomers to the "Show Me State"! The more the marrier!

Melissa said...

Illini hockey games... ah, the memories! =)