My Fat Baby's

Saturday, December 27, 2008

That's right, you saw the post title correctly. My Fat Baby's. I'm not referring to this visitor who came on Christmas eve or my new little nephew.

I'm talking about my Christmas present! I had been checking these out a awhile ago and found out that my friend Dawn had a pair...tried hers on....loved them.....told Santa that I wanted a pair....... and what a guy he is!

Lots of catching up to do. We made the rounds and spent time with family this Christmas. Christmas eve with the Champaign family and a trip north on Christmas day to spend with the Cook's. I'll get some posts and pictures up further detailing our adventures. We cut our visit to my folks short as Champaign was forecasted to get 1 to 2" of rain today. Factor in the melting ice and snow and we got home just in time to get the sump pump running. Luckily, its not like the flooding this past spring, but enough to be an inconvenience.


Leslie said...

I love the new background! And those boots! Ahh! So Cool!