On the Road Again

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whew! A whole week of no posting...I'm sure all 5 of you loyal readers missed me terribly :)

What a week it was! We had a great time in Arizona and the 70 degree weather was awesome. I'll be getting caught up photos with
from out trip this week.

We made it back to Champaign on Friday...with just enough time to do some laundry, get some Christmas shopping done, and go see Willie Nelson on Saturday night.

We'd both seen Willie before (at a Toby Keith concert), but he was a little stoned, and didn't remember many of the words to his songs. We weren't sure what to expect this time around, especially since his opening act was Billy Bob Thornton. That's right, Billy Bob Thornton.

Neither concert was that bad, but they definitely could have been better. Willie is such a legend, and he has definitely aged over time. Great guy, great songs, and many are timeless...like "On the Road Again"....we definitely are looking forward to time at home though.


Adrienne said...

I missed you Kelly! Glad you're back!! Love the pics from Sedona!